Silk and Cotton Co fabrics

Showcasing our new print collections – St Tropez and Maison

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post. Today’s blog is focused on our new print collections: St Tropez and Maison.

St Tropez is a collection of bold and beautiful prints perfect for spaces where nature is the extension of the home. The inviting colours are fresh and lively. Locally printed on textured base cloths, this collection is easily translated into any scheme.

Maison is a collection of prints for the home. With a slight nostalgia and romance to them, these prints are calming and beautiful. The Pasadena range of linens would fit in beautifully with these prints. Keeping in line with the natural, earthy feel to this collection.

Our reps and showroom assistants are often asked to help put schemes together based on a client’s colour palette or mood board. Here we show you the most interesting ways to combine St Tropez and Maison prints together, bringing in some extra love from our new homeware and lifestyle brand Parlour.

When combining patterns, don’t be afraid to mix bold with bold. They may seem too loud but often when combined with subtle stripes and smaller patterns they complement one another effortlessly.

Silk and Cotton Co fabrics
Above: Animalia – Sunshine, Ticking Stripe Cotton – Olive, Lucca- Green/Yellow. Other fabrics used: Havana – Sunshine & Wave col Green.

Sticking to a one colour tone throughout a room or home can be perceived as being boring or dull. We think otherwise and in fact really love this approach. Tones of the same colour can add depth and texture to a space, especially when combined with other materials such as leather, metal and wood.

Featured Fabrics: Zip line- col Black, Bean There col Black, Pick UP Sticks on linen col Black, Animalia col Storm, Florence col Black, Cecile – Black & white

The colour pink is associated with charm, politeness, tenderness and romance. Adding pink into a grey scheme can soften the palette adding these wonderful elements to a home. Pink need not be associated with femininity, it can be bold and demanding but it can be the subtle nudge of integrity too.

Silk and Cotton Co fabrics
Features: Chile col Charcoal, Florence col Pink, Animalia col Pink, Broad stripe on linen col Charcoal, Ticking stripe on cotton col Charcoal.

A little Rust is a lot of Gold. This colour is an absolute gem. We love the depth of tone it carries and how it can sit so beautifully with warmer autumn tones like olive green or make a bolder statement when paired with Black.

Silk and Cotton Co fabrics
Features: Florence col Rust, Cecile on linen col Rust, Cecile on Linen col Olive, Ticking Stripe on cotton col Olive.